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About us
  Our expertise in the areas of energy data acquisition, budgeting, forecasting, supply planning, energy contracting, efficiency and energy management enables us to deliver simple, but comprehensive solutions to our clients. Our objective is to assist municipalities, business owners, and managers to increase the predictability of and optimize their investments in energy. Our services include the following, which can be customized to your individual requirements.

Data Acquisition
• Establish baseline facility, department and community wide consumption and cost profiles.

Budgeting & Forecasting
• Establish long term budget projections.
• Establish target purchasing levels for energy supply.
• Integrate budgeting & procurement to achieve forecast.

Supply Acquisition & Energy Contracting
• Comprehensive supply evaluations.
• Competitive supply procurement.
• Product / Contract expertise.

Efficiency & Operating Cost Reductions
• Optimize energy consumption.
• Secure utility incentives for equipment upgrades and improvements.
• Benchmark building performance.

If you are interested in determining whether our services can be of value to you, or if you just want to hear our perspective on energy markets and price drivers, please contact us today.